Recently built and designed high schools in Massachusetts can be a guide to estimating what it will cost to build a new Lexington High School.

Year School Enrollment New/Renovate Cost (million)
2010 (opened) Newton North 1,865 New $197.5 mm
2016 (approved) Somerville 1,590 Reconstruction $257 mm
2017 (proposed) Lowell 3,500 New $344 mm
2017 (discussed) Waltham 1,830 New $283.5-299.6 mm

As of December 1, 2017 LHS has 2,225 students. But with more developments and increasing enrollment, one might expect a capacity approaching 3,000 for a new LHS.

Since a new Lexington High School would not be opened before 2027, one would expect higher construction costs to apply, perhaps $400 million for a 3,000 student school. Against this MSBA might reimburse 30%, however this reimbursement does not apply to all aspects of the project (for example site preparation). Hence, Lexington taxpayers could be looking at $300 million local costs for a new high school.

Expensive, short-term modular solutions are now sprinkled across the LHS campus. These modulars have short life expectancies (10 years) and would be replaced in a new high school.